Christine Wolheim is an artist who gets her inspiration from travel, flea markets, other makers, magazines, books, photos, trees, nature and water. She lives in San Francisco and has a log cabin in her hometown of Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe. She works per assignment as a Food or Prop Stylist, still cooks for friends, drinks wine, makes runners and custom fragrances, and has a habit of re-doing orphan chairs. She loves to ride her Vintage Vespa.

Wolheim received her BFA in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2001, where she was the recipient of numerous awards. Wolheim's figurative work mirrors her creative process; she adds, subtracts and layers both provocative and ordinary images to create new meaning and highlight ironic incongruities. Her abstract work, likewise is crafted of layers and subtraction, resulting in very textural, expressionistic compositions. Although primarily a painter, she uses a variety of media: photo, printmaking, collage and assemblage.

Christine was the co-curator and founder of the Woolsey Street Downstairs Gallery and Cold Cuts Sessions. This wildly successful cross-disciplinary monthly salon ran from 2000 to 2004, and provided a venue for emerging and established artists, musicians, and creatives of all disciplines.

To see her commercial work go to:

Anti-Sexual violence piece  with Model Channy for "We Step Into The Light" show

Anti-Sexual violence piece
with Model Channy
for "We Step Into The Light" show



2018 Lines and Gestures
San Francisco, CA

2011 Balms for the Busy
Cowboys & Angels
San Francisco, CA

2006 Paving the Way
Di Pietro Todd
San Francisco, CA

2005 Helium
24seven @ 49 Geary
San Francisco, CA

2005 Fabricate
Mill Valley, CA

2004 Wolheim
24seven @ 49 Geary
San Francisco, CA

2000 Heavenly
Luna Rossa
San Francisco, CA

1997 Fotografie delle Marche
Il Particolare
Petritoli, Italy

1997 Recent Works
Wyatt Studio Gallery
San Francisco, CA


Heron Arts
San Francisco, CA

2011 We Step Into the Light
Create Social Change Exhibition
San Francisco, CA
Artists were paired with a survivor of sexual violence and invited to make a portrait of their subject as not merely a survivor but as one who thrives.

2008 Rock. Paper. Scissors
Untitled Gallery
Sausalito, CA

2006 Winter Show and Auction
Hotel Des Artes
San Francisco, CA

2003 Wolheim, Garcia, Del Rosario
Washington Square Gallery
San Francisco, CA

2002 Untitled
Limn Gallery Showroom
San Francisco, CA

2002 SF/LA
Basswerk Gallery
Los Angeles, CA

2001 The Arts Forum Inauguration Exhibition
Irvine Fine Arts Center
Irvine, CA

2001 Five New Artists
Kweejibo Gallery
San Francisco, CA

2000 In the Beginning
Mission Cultural Center
San Francisco, CA

2000 Women's Work Jubilee
Venue 9
San Francisco, CA

1999 Endo/Exo
The Music Annex
Menlo Park, CA

1999 The New Book of Etiquette
Diego Rivera Gallery
San Francisco, CA


2018 Ombre Wall Treatment Design and Video
Sunset Magazine Home Style

2008 Cover Art for Anti-Poetry Magazine
August edition

2006 Commissioned Paintings, Paul Wallace
Interior Design
San Francisco, CA

2006 Compact Disc Cover Design for Merlin Coleman
Berkeley, CA

2004 Business Card/Artwork/Brochure Design
Interior Alchemy
San Francisco, CA

2003 Guest Lecturer at San Francisco Art Institute
San Francisco, CA

2000 - 2004 Founder, co-curator and host
Woolsey St. Downstairs Gallery & Cold Cuts Sessions
(an ongoing monthly salon)
Berkeley, CA

2002 Commissioned Painting, Insalata's Restaurant
San Anselmo, CA

2002 Compact Disc Cover Design for Peoples Bizarre
San Francisco, CA

1997 Art History Tutor, San Francisco Art Institute
San Francisco, CA


Vx Capital Partners, San Francisco, CA
Younossi Law Offices, San Francisco, CA
Lupe Restaurant, San Francisco, CA
Ty Hunter, San Quentin, CA
Thomas Roedoc, Sausalito, CA
Anthony Grant, New York, NY
Frances Bowes, San Francisco, CA
Jessica Ress, Sausalito, CA
Major Mugrage, San Francisco, CA
Former Mayor Willie Brown, San Francisco, CA
Merlin Coleman, Berkeley, CA
Amanda Rieux, Kamuela, Hawaii
Agnes Kersten, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Donna and Ian Fitzpatrick, Greenbrae, CA
Davy Crockett & Mara Meisner, Mill Valley, CA
Ilya Yukhtman, New York, NY
Elaine Kim, San Francisco, CA
Adam Bard & Renee Beard, Boston, MA
Nancy Colville, Los Angeles, CA
Lourens Crous, SF, CA
Katie Christ, Sonoma, CA
Tracey Fischer, Joshua Tree, CA 


1997- 2001 B.F.A. San Francisco Art Institute
San Francisco, CA


1999 Honor Studio Recipient
San Francisco Art Institute
San Francisco, CA

1998 and 1999 Ivan Majdrakoff Painting Merit Award
San Francisco, CA